General Overview

I am BEAUTY Women is about transforming, elevating,....You! Our coaching and program elements focus on speaking and living your truth. We take your ah-ha moments and ideas and turn them into action to elevate your life. In I am BEAUTY Women we attack fear and doubt, remove the barriers, and create a space for faith, focus, and results. We want women to walk away empowered to "Release the BEaST"!

What We Offer

"What's Next?" Transformational Bootcamp & Coaching Program

Often times women reach a time in their lives where they are searching for direction, their voice or a sense of renewed energy. They need a time to listen to their deepest thoughts to get back on track.

If this sounds like you then you may be in need of a program where you can...

"Elevate your Dreams...
Elevate your Love ...
Elevate your Life"

Join us for 90 days of discovering "What's Next" and elevating all aspects of your life.

Program Components

Program Launch: We begin the program with a 2 day I am BEAUTY Women's Weekend in NYC where we create a plan for the journey using the life Map Goal Setting Tool. The weekend will be intense, rewarding, answer many of your questions, and begin to elevate your life.

Get ready to:

Monthly Individual Coaching: Participants will receive one on one coaching sessions with an I am BEAUTY coach. This coach will focus on the participant's goals and assist with direction for creating new goals and accountability. During these sessions the coach and participant will discuss areas of opportunity and partner with experts in the field that can maximize the performance in the respective area. These coaching session take place via Facebook and Periscope.

Monthly Group Sessions: After the I am BEAUTY weekend, the same cohort will meet bi-weekly to network, discuss challenges, remove barriers, and celebrate successes. We will apply the leadership principals and set new goals as a group. These coaching sessions take place via Facebook and Periscope.

Monthly Group Fitness classes: Healthy living is one of the main focuses in I am BEAUTY and participants will develop fitness goals and have meal planning support.

Personal Branding Consultation: Participants will work with their I am BEAUTY coach and a team to create a personal brand and message that they are proud of. The branding portion also includes a photo shoot.

The Retreat: The "Now Fly" destination retreat will be a time to get together, reflect on the last 90 days and celebrate our accomplishments!

There is more:

As a member of the "Whats Next" program, you become a lifelong member of our I AM BEAUTY community , eligible for the following benefits:

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One-On-One Coaching

We offer individual coaching packages where you will work weekly or bi-weekly with one of our coaches to discover your "What's Next" and create the life you want. In this transformational coaching environment, you will transform your relationship with yourself and others, career , health , finance and leap into your destiny. Our coaches have proven success in assisting clients in elevating their dreams, love and life! Coach with us and your dreams will become your reality. To inquire about coaching and get a free 20 min consultation contact

BEAUTY Dreamers

Join us monthly for our BEAUTY Dreamers Events designed to create connection , possibility and empowerment amongst women.

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