"I learned that it's imperative to love yourself first before you love anyone else. That beauty is not just about outside appearances, but a mindset that makes everyone unique in their own way."
                      - Kimberly , 16, Future Artist & Entrepreneur

How we support


Girls at this age are searching for their place and how they can make an impact. They are searching for ways to embrace their unique identity. We call this the "I AM" phase and work with girls on embracing their true identity, defining a path for their future, articulating all of it to the world.

Our workshops are more intense at this level but maintain many aspects of fun! We aim to really work to get to know the girls and help them discover their passion and live a healthy lifestyle. The focus at this level is to create well rounded teens that have a head start on their future goals.

One of our signature programs is the I AM B.E.A.U.T.Y. Teen Bootcamp.

I AM B.E.A.U.T.Y. Teen Bootcamp


We have developed a unique method to teach leadership and transform teens (14-18). The recipe for this success is to mix the intensive and transformational nature of a bootcamp with a twist of leadership, fun, fitness, dancing, laughing, real talk and of course, a photo shoot.

The unique curriculum of the program components is just one aspect that make this program different from most. We also have one on one coaching with the teens where deep connections and relationships are built and allow coaches to individualize the approach resulting in larger shifts. Parents have reported shifts in behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and the ability to let go of things that have been hindering success.

The teens develop lifetime bonds in their cohorts that gives them the confidence to walk boldly, try new things, and accomplish their dreams.

Our girls form a sisterhood and become leaders and drivers of change, no longer waiting for the opportunity, but instead seeking it out and making a meaningful impact. They develop the skills that will allow them to jump over the hurdles of life at any stage and that is what makes this program different than most. This is more than a confidence boosting program, this is a game changer.

Through panel discussion and real talk session we explore topics including (but not limited to)

Topped off with our Career photo shoot! We take the vision board concept and make it personal with the girls career aspirations in mind. We also conduct posing and on-camera coaching.

So how to do we do it specifically?


Our programs are led by certified life coaches and inspirational speakers that will help the girls start to discover their passions, awaken their dreams and actively begin to pursue them.

Career Awareness & Mentorship

Professionals and topic experts speak throughout our programs to educate students on development topics. The also serve as role models and mentors for participants and expose them to different careers and opportunities.

Personal & Professional Development

The program provides training and development through workshops and activities in areas essential for obtaining success and building confidence.

Leadership & Team Building

The group builds together through activities to foster teaming skills and introduce the art of networking and relationship building. They also began honing leadership and public speaking skills as juniors!

Girl Talk

The participants are provided daily open forum discussion opportunities to address issues confronting their age group.

Beauty Day & Model for Life Photo Shoot

Every girl dreams of being a superstar and we make their dreams come true. On Beauty Day, the participants learn about beauty and hygiene, get a make-up lesson and mini-makeover to then participate in a career photo shoot.

Fitness Segment

Each session ends with a fitness activity to show teens the importance of exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle. Certified instructors facilitate the fitness segments teaching Yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop Dance and Belly Dancing.


We understand how important affirmation is at this age. At our finale girls show their parents all the new ground they have taken in I AM BEAUTY and are acknowledged by their parents.

What are the girls saying

See what a day in bootcamp is like and what participants have to say . Watch the girls in action on News 12.

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Keeping it 1000 Girl Summits

Keeping it 1000 is a unique experience where we let girls keep it real about friendships, relationships, school, and life. This is a day that focuses on all things girl from the latest fashions to the largest reservations. We want to know and help these girls address their challenges and face their fears. Keeping it 1000 is not like any other conference that these girls will attend. This is conference that focuses on developing the total girl; mind, body, and spirit.

Color Coded Girls

In partnership with Color Coded Academy , I AM BEAUTY participants have opportunities to advance their technology skills. Color Coded is a STEM workshop where young ladies walk away with skills needed to code their own website. By the end of the class teens will develop leadership skills and begin their coded website.

Summer Leadership Academy

This Leadership Academy takes the concept of a “summer camp” to another level. In this 6 days, 5 nights experience participants will complete our I AM BEAUTY Teen bootcamp iin an intensive , rigorous , fun and life changing week. We will be coming to a city near you. Stayed tuned for details

Individual Coaching for Teens

In weekly coaching sessions teens will:

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