"I am BEAUTY has taught me no matter how old you are you can always make a difference."
                      - Kyli 13 Future Personal Fitness Trainer

At I am B.E.A.U.T.Y., we know that raising a teen and being a teen presents a unique set of challenges and we have solutions.

How we support

Girls at this stage (8-12) are creative, inquisitive, and are on a quest to be "liked". They also begin to notice differences, have questions, and begin to see the "mean girl syndrome" During this Who am I phase?...

Our workshops are fun, interactive, and theatrical in nature to promote positive self-esteem. We use a mixed method approach to teaching leadership principles that promote self- worth and Identity of learning which includes acting, public speaking, group discussions.

Some of our workshop topics include:

There are a lot of organizations focused on building self esteem and personal development. I AM BEAUTY is unique because of our methods and approach. Our special sauce is that we use a variety of techniques from behavioral theory, meisner method , experiential learning, mastering mindfulness and mirror exercises. Participants let go of the past , gain access to tools to support them in their journey and are liberated to create their own version of success and happiness. The cherry on top is our team leads with rigor, intensity, compassion and most importantly

Other highlights of our program:


Our programs are led by certified life coaches and inspirational speakers that will help the girls start to discover their passions, awaken their dreams and actively begin pursuing them.

Career Awareness & Mentorship

Professionals and topic experts speak throughout our programs to educate students on development topics. The also serve as role models and mentors for participants and expose them to different careers and opportunities.

Personal & Professional Development

The program provides training and development through workshops and activities in areas essential for obtaining success and building confidence.

Leadership & Team Building

The group builds together through activities to foster teaming skills and introduce the art of networking and relationship building. They also began honing leadership and public speaking skills as juniors!

Girl Talk

The participants are provided daily open forum discussion opportunities to address issues confronting their age group.

Beauty Day & Model for Life Photo Shoot

Every girl dreams of being a superstar and we make their dreams come true. On Beauty Day, the participants learn about beauty and hygiene, get a make-up lesson and mini-makeover to then participate in a career photo shoot.

Fitness Segment

Each session ends with a fitness activity to show teens the importance of exercise and maintaining an active lifestyle. Certified instructors will facilitate the fitness segments teaching Yoga, Zumba, Hip Hop Dance and Belly Dancing.


We understand how important affirmation is at this age. At our finale girls are acknowledged by their parents.

Watch a special moment with Kylie & her dad.

What are the girls saying

Our juniors are blossoming flowers. See what some of our precious juniors had to say about their experience in the program.

Meet 11 year old madison

Meet 11 year old Samiyah "Before I AM BEAUTY I was a mess"

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